See 3 Turkey's

We hope you had a happy thanksgiving! Your belly may be too full, but you can always exercise your eyes! 

The ability to bring the eyes inward is a vital skill. Although we do this naturally, some people may struggle. Children in particular who have trouble bringing their eyes inward or convergence may tend to struggle with reading, writing and learning. The medical term for this is Convergence Insufficiency. What this means is the eyes will not turn in good enough to provide accurate information to be gathered visually. The child may complain of seeing douible while reading, words wiggle or move, have headaches, lose their place often or avoid near work all together! These children often enter the office with labels such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Lazy, Poor Reader, Unmotivated...the list goes on. When often they have a treatable eye condition! 

This picture offers a fun version of an activity that is performed in vision therapy known as the "lifesaver card". Have fun with this and enjoy!

How to practice:
1. Use a pointer or pen tip and place in the center between the two images (I.e between the turkeys) 
2. Slowly bring the pointer toward you. You should notice the pictures behind turn to 4 images, then 3.
3. Focus on the middle of the “3” images. What do you notice? Where is the image?

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