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There are a variety of vision problems that often interfere with Achievement in reading, writing, learning, and school. Undiagnosed vision challenges can cause the following:

  • make it difficult to learn to read

  • cause words to look double

  • loss of place while reading

  • poor handwriting

  • unable to understand what they are reading

  • poor memory/difficulty remembering what was read

  • school and homework taking far too much valuable family time

  • constant battles over doing homework

Parents and educators often mistakenly think these students are lazy, dyslexic, or have poor attention. These struggles often make these students feel frustrated, tired, or even angry; and often reach a point where they feel they are just stupid. At Forest City Vision we understand how correctable visual challenges can cause these struggles. We are here to help!

The First Step

The first step to helping your student succeed is scheduling an Initial Evaluation with Dr.Weinberg at Forest City Vision. This evaluation is more in-depth than your comprehensive eye exam and is designed to test for all the visual skills required for reading and learning.

It is important to remember that when there is an underlying vision disorder people continue to struggle with reading, etc. until the vision problem is corrected. Often when the visual demands increase (such as print getting smaller with each grade level), the difficulties increase. The good news is that we can help.

Take Action Today

If you want to put an end to the struggle and help your child succeed, call our office now to Request an Evaluation for your child.

Unsure if vision is impacting your childs ability to Achieve their full potential?

Use our free symptom survery. This survey was designed to determine if Vision is interfering with reading, learning and daily activities.
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