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Did you know?


Did you know there are over 17 visual skills needed to achieve in school, reading, writing and learning. Seeing the letters clearly on the eye chart is only one of these skills! Vision problems can contribute to attention and learning challenges associated with reading and writing.


The 17 Skills required:

  • Eye movement Control

  • Simultaneous Focus at Far

  • Sustained focus at far

  • Simultaneous focus at near

  • Sustained focus at near

  • Simultanesous alignment at far

  • Sustained alignment at far

  • Simultaneous alignment at near

  • Sustaining alignment at near

  • Central Vision (20/20?)

  • Peripheral Vision

  • Depth Perception

  • Color Perception

  • Gross Visual-Motor

  • Fine Visual-Motor

  • Visual Perception

  • Visual Integration


A developmental vision evaluation is needed to determine if your child has the visual skills required for academic success.

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